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Broadening our understanding of time use and spatial behaviour: Social networks, gender, care, food consumption, and other contextual (and understudied) dimensions.

Wednesday 15 November 2023, 1400 -1500
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Juan Antonio Carrasco



Time use and spatial behaviour are crucial to understanding how people live in cities and their interaction with transportation and urban systems. Most traditional research on mobility focuses on commuting trips and individual decision-making, performed mainly by a "usual" traveller. However, having more comprehensive perspectives on travel behaviour requires broadening the individual-based assumptions, focusing on activities and trips beyond work and study, and the diversity of people's contexts. The presentation will discuss past and recent work to open up new questions on how we study and understand time use and spatial behaviour in urban areas.

The Speaker

Juan Antonio Carrasco is a Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering at Universidad de ConcepciĆ³n in Chile. Over twenty years, his research has focused on understanding the social dimension of travel behaviour through developing and applying data collection and analytical tools to capture its complexity.