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WONV - Non-Market Valuation and Decision Science Workshop


On June 13-14th, CDR has hosted a workshop on non-market valuation and decision sciences. 40 delegates attended this research event and shared their work on innovative choice experiment designs, novel applications and alternative methods for measuring preferences for non-market goods. In addition to 20 presentations, there were keynotes from Wändi Bruine de Bruin and Klaus Glenk on better communicating with respondents, decision makers, and achieving impact.

The best student paper award was given to Chloé Beaudet for her work on spatial mapping of preferences, and she will be offered the opportunity to present her work at a WONV partner institution.

Finally, the next WONV has been announced and will take place in Nancy (France) in June 2025. It will be organised by the Bureau d'Economie Théorique et Appliquée.

Participants reported that the laidback atmosphere and extended time dedicated to discussions compared to other conferences allowed for richer exchanges and more valuable feedback, and the inclusion of decision science researchers to what was originally designed as an event strictly dedicated to non-market valuation brought an additional perspective, which led to promising research ideas and future areas for collaboration.