CDR Seminar: Andrea Ceschi – “Linking advances in decision-making research to industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology”

  • Date:
  • Time: 13:30 to 14:30
  • Location: Room 1.44, Maurice Keyworth Building (Business School) Seminar


We present some ongoing research which attempts to connect more decision-making areas (e.g. individual differences in judgment and decision-making – JDM, behavioural decision-making – BDM, decision-making competence – DMC, debiasing) to I/O psychology domain. During the seminar we try will to answer questions such as: Can organizational assessment benefit from studying individual differences in JDM? Is debiasing an effective training method for improving job performance? Which organizational and decision-making theories can help to develop a more integrated and combined research? How some BDM models (e.g. theory of planned behaviour) can be used for predicting organizational behaviours (e.g. counterproductive behaviour, prosocial behaviour, job crafting)? With regards to such research aim we present some solutions as well as limits that we have developed and encountered during our research activity.

Authors: Andrea Ceschi, Riccardo Sartori, Arianna Costantini – Verona University – APRESO research group

About the speaker

Andrea is a PhD student in Organizational Psychology from Verona University and affiliated to APRESO research group. His interests lie in organizational behavior, individual differences, decision-making processes, and social dynamics in the applied psychology field. His research is related to the antecedents that affect decision mechanisms in organizations. In the applied research field, his research aims are directed to the development of practices in work environments for improving performance; in industrial research, in creating predictive models of human behavior.