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** Scholarhip Opportunity – Measuring life quality from digital footprints for informed policy decision making – deadline 27 Feb 2023

This project, in collaboration with Leeds City Council and CitizenMe Ltd, aims to develop new measures of life quality from digital footprints (ie internet and social media data).  Recent breakthrough in social data science and machine learning allow  easily accessible digital footprints to estimate personal attributes, including their feelings and their psychological and behavioural traits (eg satisfaction, mental health).  Citizens’ social wellbeing, like perceived safety and happiness, which is a straight reflection of life quality, is possible to measure through digital footprint data.  This provides policymakers with an additional way to look beyond economic statistics and surveys to identify which policies are effective in a timely manner.  The project will employ interdisciplinary approaches from psychology, management and data science to examine the changing nature of data usage and how emerging digital data can help track and monitor policy influence.  It will generate new methodologies for mining open social media data, which will help the understanding of the society in social wellbeing inequalities.

Details on how to apply are here

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The Centre for Decision Research brings together researchers from across the University of Leeds, who have an interest in human decision making.

Founded in March 1996, the Centre for Decision Research has a strong multi-disciplinary focus that has led to research collaborations across a wide range of academic disciplines.

Members of the Centre carry out a broad range of decision research, much of it funded externally. They publish extensively in academic journals, edited books and practitioner journals, as well as presenting at major national and international conferences.

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