CDR seminar series ONLINE: full 2020/21 Autumn listings

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Full details of the seminar schedule

Date Time Room Speaker Title Affiliation
7th October 14:00-15:00  



Jafar Rezaei  

Foundations of Best-Worst Method (an MCDM method) 

Delft University of Technology
21st October 14:00-15:00  



Georgios Panos Financial literacy and Attitudes to Cryptocurrencies University of Glasgow
28th October (jointly with Economics) 15:00-16:30   online Natalia Montinari It’s Time to Cheat! University of Bologna
4th November 14:00-15:00   online Peter Ayton Brexit, Donald Trump and the Colour Red: Improbable Effects of Emotions on Decisions    CDR, LUBS
11th November 14:00-15:00   online Maria Barbati Portfolio Approaches for Multiobjective Optimization Problems Portsmouth Business School
18th November 14:00-15:00   online


Josh Weller Individual Differences in Decision-Making Competence: Progress and Challenges of the Construct CDR LUBS
25th November 14:00-15:00   online Anine Riege POSTPONED University of Oslo