A new paper for Xingjie Wei on how brand loyalty interacts with tourism destination

The paper examines to what extent emotional place attachment is impacted by people’s feelings towards international companies associated with the place, and what mechanism and conditions drive such effects. The research draws on the feelings-as-information perspective and empirically tests the relationships in three international multi-method studies. The results demonstrate that brand loyalty plays a key role in place affective image and emotional place attachment. The study theorizes and empirically shows the importance of affect, authenticity, and cultural distance in such relationships. Critically, it enriches understanding of brand–place relationships and identify key boundary conditions. Tourism marketers need to appropriately manage perceptions of local brands’ authenticity and consider cultural distance when designing destination campaigns in their efforts to strengthen place attachment.

One reviewer noted “This research is in line with the need to juxtapose and combine big data analyses from actual consumers’ online behaviours and small data from traditional surveys that mostly capture consumers’ perceptions.”

This is the reference to the paper:
Yeyi Liu, Magnus Hultman, Andreas B. Eisingerich, Xingjie Wei. “How Does Brand Loyalty Interact with Tourism Destination? Exploring the Effect of Brand Loyalty on Place Attachment”, Annals of Tourism Research