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Andrea Taylor, Sarah Jenkins and Barbara Summers: Analysing risk perception and preparedness to develop effective disaster risk communication strategies


Andrea Taylor, Sarah Jenkins and Barbara Summers, working with Yim Ling Sui and Suraje Dessai (School of Earth and Environment), have been awarded £435K by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation for a 3 year research project to develop and test risk communication and reduction strategies for severe weather events. The funds were awarded by Lloyds Register Foundation are part of a £2m investment in seven new projects looking at the practical applications of the Foundations World Risk Poll globally.

Dr Sarah Cumbers, Director of Evidence and Insight at Lloyd’s Register Foundation, said: “The projects we have announced today showcase the potential of the World Risk Poll dataset to inform research and interventions that make a real difference to the safety of people and communities around the world, particularly in improving resilience to the threat of climate-related severe weather and disasters.

Project description:

With climate change increasing the frequency and severity of severe weather events globally, it is critically important to develop effective strategies for disaster risk communication and reduction. This project will develop and test risk communication strategies through analysis of the World Risk Poll (WRP). Integrating data from the WRP with data on vulnerabilities, governance, and long-term climate projection, we will identify predictors of self-reported disaster risk perception and preparedness. This analysis will be used to select an indicative range of focal countries with diverse risk profiles, for the development and testing of context appropriate early warning risk communication strategies.

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