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Chris Riley wins prize for best paper at the 2017 White Rose Doctoral Conference


Chris Riley, a PhD student working with Barbara Summers and Darren Duxbury, has won the prize for best paper at the 2017 White Rose Doctoral Conference for his paper “Capital Gains Overhang with a Dynamic Reference Point”. This paper examines how changes in investor reference points, caused by previous share price movements, can influence the amount of under or overvaluation in share prices.

In other CDR news, Andrea Taylor and colleagues Yim Ling Siu, Suraje Dessai and Lindsay Lee at the School of Earth and Environment have been awarded a contract to address challenges related to the treatment of uncertainty in climate services in China. Combining expertise in risk communication, environmental risk assessment, climate risk management, and statistical treatments of uncertainty in climate models, the team will work with programme partners in the Met Office and Chinese Meteorological Administration to better understand and address the needs of Chinese climate service users for information about uncertainty in climate predictions, and produce evidence based recommendations for the treatment and communication of uncertainty for climate service providers.

Wandi Bruine de Bruin and Mirta Galesic presented a paper at the American Association for Public Opinion Resarch (AAPOR) in New Orleans LA (US), entitled "Perceptions of Social Circles Shape and Reflect Voting Intentions: A Longitudinal Analysis"

Wandi was also an invited participant at the annual meeting of Carnegie Mellon University's Centre for Climate and Energy Decision Making in Pittsburgh PA (US). Wandi is a Co-I on the centre's funding from the US National Science Foundation.

Baruch Fischhoff (Carnegie Mellon University), who is visiting professor at the Centre for Decision Research, was elected into the US National Academy of Sciences, which is one of the highest honours a scientist can achieve and recognizes distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.