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New KTP project: AI/ML-powered predictive analytics and forecasting for the legal sector


A new Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) has been awarded to a company Katchr and our academic team, Drs. Richard Hodgett (lead, CDR), Nabi Omidvar (School of Computing and LUBS), and Xingjie Wei (CDR).

Katchr is a leader in software-based technology within the legal sector, has developed software that has significantly optimised data analytical capabilities for the legal industry, focusing primarily on providing trend analysis around financial performance to law firms. In this innovative project, Richard, Nabi and Xingjie will lead efforts to incorporate cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into Katchr’s distinguished software, with Nabi taking the role of Academic Supervisor. The collaboration aims to establish market-leading revenue generation prediction models, catering to law firms operating across a multitude of legal disciplines. The integration of AI/ML technologies is not just poised to enhance revenue forecasting but will also propel Katchr into a sector-leading position in risk profiling. This addition will empower law firms with precise, data-driven insights, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of potential risks and informed decision-making processes.