Psychonomic Society conference – presentations

Members of the Centre for Decision Research gave 4 presentations at the Psychonomic Society conference in Vancouver, Canada:

  1. “The Magnitude of ‘Extreme Outcomes’ Determines Risk Preference in Experience-Based Choice” by Manos Konstantinidis, with Robert Taylor and Ben Newell (University of New South Wales)
  2. “Exploring the Decision Dynamics of Risky Intertemporal Choice” by Manos Konstantidis, Don van Ravenzwaaij (University of Groningen) and Ben Newell (University of New South Wales)
  3. “Do People Simultaneously Over-Estimate and Underweight Rare Events in Decisions From Experience?” by Manos Konstantinidis, with Aba Szollosi, Garston Liang, Chris Donkin, and Ben Newell (University of New South Wales)
  4. “Age Differences in Emotional Responses to Monetary Losses and Gains” by Wandi Bruine de Bruin, with Marijke van Putten and Robin van Emden (Leiden University) and JoNell Strough (West Virginia University)