NameSchoolResearch Area
Dr Nicola Bown
Dr Nicola BownLeeds University Business SchoolIndividual decision making; strategic decision making under conditions of risk and uncertainty; individual career decision making and planning; the relationship between personal and social identity and behaviour at work
Dr Gabriella Eriksson
Dr Gabriella ErikssonLeeds University Business School, Marie Skłodowska-Curie FellowApplying risk communication strategies to reduce speeding-related risks
Dr Constantinos HadjichristidisLeeds University Business SchoolHow people reason, judge and decide; impact of foreign language; moral judgement; probability judgement
Dr Richard HodgettLeeds University Business SchoolDecision-making techniques including multi-objective optimisation and multi-attribute methods, techniques to mitigate or evaluate uncertainty, innovation and product development, enterprise and commercialisation
Dr Gulbanu Kaptan
Dr Gulbanu KaptanLeeds University Business SchoolJudgement and decision making, with special interest in food-related risk/benefit perception and communication; values and cross-cultural comparisons
Dr Astrid Kause
Dr Astrid KauseLeeds University Business SchoolHow individuals communicate and behave in the face of uncertain and complex challenges
Dr Emmanouil Konstantinidi
Dr Emmanouil KonstantinidiLeeds University Business SchoolCognitive psychology and decision-making with an emphasis on mathematical and computational modelling of the underlying psychological and cognitive processes
Vedran Lesic
Vedran LesicLeeds University Business SchoolConsumers' perceptions of energy use; environmental decision-making
Professor John Maule
Professor John MauleLeeds University Business SchoolTime pressure and decision making; the psychology of decision making
Dr Simon McNair
Dr Simon McNairLeeds University Business SchoolFinancial; the role of emotions in decision making; probabilistic reasoning
Dr Yasmina Okan
Dr Yasmina OkanLeeds University Business SchoolDesigning graphical displays for risk communication, contextual and emotional factors in moral judgement and decision making
Professor Alan Pearman
Professor Alan PearmanLeeds University Business SchoolMulti-criteria decision making; risk analysis; policy and project evaluation; stakeholder engagement
Sonja Perkovic
Sonja PerkovicLeeds University Business SchoolConsumers' decision making processes regarding organic food products; process-tracing.
Professor Rob Ranyard
Professor Rob RanyardLeeds University Business School (Visiting Professor)The psychology of decision making; economic psychology
Chris Riley
Chris RileyLeeds University Business SchoolThe behavioural underpinnings of investor under-reaction and over-reaction investigated using experimental techniques and market data
Dr Sajid Siraj
Dr Sajid SirajLeeds University Business SchoolDecision making with and without data; multi-criteria decision making techniques and their use in decision support systems
Dr Andrea Taylor
Dr Andrea TaylorLeeds University Business SchoolCommunication of risk and uncertainty; the role of emotion and numeracy in choice; public perceptions of weather and climate change
Dr Natalie van der Wal
Dr Natalie van der WalLeeds University Business Schoolagent-based modeling, evacuation simulation, group decision, group affect
Dr Xingjie WeiLeeds University Business SchoolSocial computing, big data, social data mining, social network analysis