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CDR Seminar Series ONLINE or HYBRID 2023 Autumn Schedule

Wednesday 11 October - Wednesday 6 December, 2023, See listings
All seminars will be available ONLINE, some will by HYBRID

Details of individual seminars (abstracts, biography of speaker and link for booking) will be added to this schedule as they become available. Follow us on Twitter at @CDRLeeds for latest updates on CDR seminars and research!

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Date Time Speaker Title Affiliation
11-Oct-23 14:00-15:00 David Palma How to reduce saturated fat consumption? The effect of taxes versus behavioural interventions LUBS, University of Leeds
25-Oct-23 14:00-15:00 Peizhi Shi Machine Learning for Decision-Making in Intelligent Manufacturing LUBS, University of Leeds
01-Nov-23 14:00-15:00 Maggie Toplak Measuring rational thinking in adolescents: The Assessment of Rational Thinking in Youth (ART-Y) York University, Toronto, Canada
08-Nov-23 14:00-15:00 Nadia Papamichail Decision making and decision analytics in the era of AI: A match made in heaven (or hell)? University of Manchester
15-Nov-23 14:00-15:00 Juan Antonio Carrasco Broadening our understanding of time use and spatial behaviour: Social networks, gender, care, food consumption, and other contextual (and understudied) dimensions Universidad de Concepción, Chile
22-Nov-23 No Seminar
29-Nov-23 14:00-15:00 Philip Newall Dark nudges in gambling University of Bristol, UK