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Dr. Romain Crastes Dit Sourd new to the Centre of Decision Research presents at this event.
Abstract It is fifty years since Amos Tversky presented evidence of intransitive preferences in his seminal 1969 article. Early replications of his main study, which involved choices between simple monetary lotteries, replicated his findings. However, later research has cast doubt on the strength of evidence of intransitive choices in this task. For example, Regenwetter et…
Abstract How much money do you need for your retirement? The implications of current balance information for retirement provision are considerably difficult for many of us to grasp or anticipate. A long tradition of using psychological insights to improve savers’ engagement with their pensions has led to major improvements in savings rates and participation. In this work we…
Dr. Adam Harris of UCL is presenting at this seminar.
Dr. Julia Bennell Deputy Dean of Leeds University Business School is presenting at this seminar.
Dr. Gianni Nicolini Ass. Prof. of Finance at the Department of Management and Law of the University of Rome is presenting at this seminar
Dr. Xingjie Wei a Lecturer in Business Analytics/Machine Learning with CDR is presenting at this seminar.
Samuel Domingos a PhD candidate in the Social Psychology program (LiSP) at ISPA is presenting at this seminar.
Natalie van der Wal a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow at CDR is presenting at this seminar.
Full details of the semester two CDR seminar series: Date Time Room Speaker Title Affiliation Weds 30 Jan 13:00-14:00 Maurice Keyworth  room 1.33 Various speakers Bridging the divide between social and technical systems: techniques and current research University of Leeds Weds 6 Feb 14:00-15:00 Charles Thackrah  room 1.05 Natalie van der Wal (Centre for Decisin…